Freeze and Crush problem on Mobile

Hi there,
i was trying to create a portfolio website with babylon and it’s almost done.
i planned 3 diffirent scenes to explore into the site, and used same lights (with different intensity), same cameras and same controlers on them. My first scene is running without problem.
at second scene joystick controler on mobile is working slow.
“translateTransform = BABYLON.Vector3.TransformCoordinates(new BABYLON.Vector3(xAddPos/7000, 0, yAddPos/7000),”
i will fix it with reducing 7000 to 3000.

But when 3rd scene start and you try to move, it freezing at computer and mobile. At computer it comes back after 2-3 seconds and works fine. But at mobile page is crushing.

what could be the reason for this, and how can i fix it ?

I have to say it is beautiful :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it is no easy to help you on a complete project

Here is what you have to do:

  • Either repro the issue in the playground where we can debug
  • Or check the f12 profiler tool to see what is the source of the slow down

I did not see any slow down on my computer by the way

I am very glad you find it beautiful.
i tried to run project in playground but couldn’t cause of jquery and html code parts .
i tried to run project in jsfiddle but createEngine function failed.

my problem is clearer on mobile devices actually. It freezes or crashes on the first move forward in the 3rd scene on computers and mobile devices (when the w key is pressed on the computer or the joystick is moved on the mobile).

Adding @cedric who is our ios wizard to see if he can spot something obvious

Hi @Anda_Interaktif

I also get the 1 second slow down when pressing any movement key but I can rotate the camera without any hitch.
Do you have some code that runs when the event is triggered? Like loading another mesh (the worms maybe), building new physics pbjects, creating a nav mesh,… Anything that takes time and is not performed before the first movement.