Fullstack Dev with BabylonJS experience

Hey everyone,

Looking for a full-stack dev to take over a BabylonJS project.

Tech stack includes - Azure, Node Express, JavaScript / Typescript, MySQL, React / Redux, Material UI

Immediate start if possible.

Company is based in Brisbane Australia, but fully remote is available.

The position is full-time but contracting is also available.

Please pm if you are interested.

Kind regards,



So jealous where you live! I have spent about 1 1/2 years in Australia as a tourist. Such good surf there!! good luck. :smile:

It looks stunning, the pic is a stock one as I really wish to go there at least once and I guess it might be a good selling point :slight_smile: Babylon + Brisbane + Awesome tech !!!

That pic is the Gold Coast which is about 1.5 hours drive from Brisbane. The closest thing Brisbane has to a beach is this artificial one in Southbank Parklands in the city, but I’m not complaining - we are blessed.

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PM sent.

Hello. @hardrollsgandalf
How are you?
As an experienced babylon.js expert and software engineer, it seems that tech sets you mentioned are right meeting my skills as a software engineer.
If I’m not late yet and you are still looking for full-stack developer, I would like to contribute to your business goal based my experience.
Looking forward to your positive response.
We can discuss here or via this email. crazypassion218@gmail.com