Need a React and Babylon dev (remote, paid)

We’re now in need of a Front-end developer skilled in react but also really confident in their BabylonJS or general webGL skills.
We have a front-end that’s mostly done which includes a simple scene of 7 meshes at most. We are in dire need of outside help to fix the diversity of bugs we encountered.

Example of work needed:

  • Squash mesh hover state related bug
  • Squash react + observable pattern related bug
    and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This is a short-term opportunity (a few week of work at most on this project), however we will definitely re-hire you again for our next project as it is extremely similar.

The company is;
We are a small team but willing to pay a good rate (or give us your hourly rate).
Please email me your rate at and include some portfolio if any.

If you want a formal Job description, here it is:

Cool website.

Sounds really cool !!!

I really hope someone from the community will help to do it in Babylon :slight_smile:

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