Fury Page: A landing page builder with shader effect

I’ve always had a side project using 3D and BabylonJS ever since I discovered this library.
For what? Because it’s too much fun to use! I don’t even play video games anymore, I code BabylonJS stuff :smile:

Recently (2 years ago), I started playing with shaders and this led me to develop a landing page creation tool. And today I think I managed to build something quite useful (at least I hope)!

All of you (especially @Evgeni_Popov) helped me a lot on this journey with shaders. I wanted you, the BabylonJS community, to be the first to learn about this project.

Here is an overview of what this tool can do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZSjjCkz8CM
Note that my 16-year-old sister made this nice showcase video and I am pretty proud of her!

If some of you wanted to test it, feel free: https://fury-page.vercel.app/
And here are some examples of what you can build: Portfolio, Prometheus, Event, Developer, Dune

Finally, if you have any questions about how I built this and that, I’ll be more than happy to share some :innocent:


Damn cool!!!


WTF dude! This is EPIC!

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Awesome idea !!! Congrats @PichouPichou !!!

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I really appreciate what you’ve done :ok_hand:, and thank you for sharing :+1:.
One minor observation. Links/ buttons shouldn’t be able to press/act if they’re in the next layer. This is just my opinion.

Can we download it as an HTML file once everything is configured? I get curious :upside_down_face:

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Thank you all for your encouraging messages!

Yes @Arte, I see what you mean and I agree. Let me add that to my todo list :wink:

When you publish a project, it actually uploads an HTML file that contains everything to show the result. You can then download this HTML if you wish. What is the use case you have in mind exactly?

So that I could save it as an HTML file to my server. Another question arises, what about the license and what would be the restrictions for commercial use?

When you publish the project, it gives you a unique URL to access it. So you just need to set a redirection to this URL if you want the page to be on your website for instance.
I could add a button to export the HTML if that’s something you really need.
Assuming the tool is paid for (which it isn’t yet), is it something you would pay for?

For now, the tool is free to use and I am mostly looking for feedback and production use cases.
But probably, it will be linked to the storage and distribution of the result as most of the landing page creation tools are doing.

very cool video demo but i tried to change the shape to something other than ribon and use the sliders below that ( like density) and it bombs the app. The mouseup doesnt trigger on the slider ( although it has no effect anyway ) then trying the other sliders does nothing either. After this choosing another shape doesnt work as well.

Chrome browser on windows 11. Anyway hope you get it fixed :wink:

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Hi @shaderbytes, I managed to reproduce the issue.
I will also add that to my to-do list and keep you in touch, thanks for the test!

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@shaderbytes, @Arte the two issues you noticed should be fixed now! Thanks again :wink: