New Step for FuryPage: 3D online Portfolio editor

Hi BabylonJS community, I hope you are all great today.

I wanted to share with you the progress on the tool FuryPage. I’ve made great strides working with creatives to create the coolest portfolio builder possible. And today, I’ve decided to take the plunge on ProductHunt !!
For the occasion, I made a video in which Cartman from SouthPark uses the tool. You should watch it, it was really fun to do.

Let me know what you think of the tool and the use of BabylonJS. Also, if you liked it, put an Upvote and comment on Product Hunt :slight_smile:


You know, the entire video I was thinking - he should definitely tell us to screw ourselves. And alas… :slight_smile:

Great work!!

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Haha, I had this idea on the last day of video editing. Perfect ending!