Galeryst Launches - Generate 3D virtual galleries from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Albums

Galeryst launches today using BabylonJS to generate 3D virtual galleries from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom albums.

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Congratulations @Michael_Scherotter1 !

So excited to see your launch! Any objection to us tweeting about this to help spread the word?

please do!
The site uses BabylonJS both on the client and server (via node) and makes heavy use of Babylon.GUI. is the twitter handle


It is quite strange, but as far as I know there is no option to rename photos in LightRoom CC.
Would be nice to have such option in gallery settings, maybe even with some with extra fields.

Galeryst doesn’t use the filename of the image.
In Lightroom, you can set the title and other metadata in the image info pane:
That info is used in Galeryst.

And what will be the order of photos inside a gallery? Currently, if there is no such info, it goes in alphabetical file name order.

That’s very cool! :star_struck: I’ll try with my photos later~

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The order is determined by the order of the assets in Lightroom - you can reorder by drag/drop in Lightroom.

Well, the order in Lightroom is correct, but the gallery order is different.
Below there are some screenshots.

  1. The desired order, Lightroom. The first photo with the text should be the first in the gallery.
  2. The first photo in the gallery is the first photo by alphabet, either it is its filename (if no titles are given) or title (tried both variants).

So cool !