Geckos Server Help Needed

Hey guys… I am having trouble with

I am just trying to start the server. SHOULD be real simple.

I have a index.ts



But i keep getting a ERR_REQUIRE_ESM error

Now this is just trying to create and run the server app. Which should be a simple thing

I tried to let @yannick know but i have not heard back from him.

If there is anyone out there who knows what the deal is with … please help a brotha out.

I was considering using as the default multiplayer network library for the Babylon Unity Toolkit. But i am having trouble with just creating the server app. Not to mention i cant figure out how to actually use the snapshot library… especially in a client auth model where i need to send snapshot packets from the client to the server and broadcast those to other clients.

I feel so stupid not being able to get these project up and running :frowning:

If there are any lovers of and would also like to see it in use with the Babylon Unity Toolkit over… hit me up… Please is shipped as esm modules.
Please read: yandeu/ at main · yandeu/yandeu · GitHub