Sir @JohnK need ya help

Hey there!!

Reaching out to Sir @JohnK…you were so kind to help me build my game a few months ago but now it doesnt show up. Dont understand how it went to that :confused:

:heart: :blue_heart:

It works in version 4.2 in your PG. There must be a bug in version 5.0 @Deltakosh . (line 182 , 183 n PG)

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It’s interesting Sir @Dad72

He helped me make it in June and it was working fine until a few days ago. I thought it was the image but realize it’s more than that

AH! That explains a lot more now!

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readPixels is now async which is a required breaking change in 5.0 you can easily update like this:


Thanks a bunches Sir @sebavan…this means so much!!! :heart_eyes:

At Madam @msDestiny14 it was tripping me out…didnt understand why it stopped. Now know it more code than image