Generative audio integration, whats an ideal method/tool/way to go?

I want to ask a wider question regarding including audio/sound in a BabylonJS project.

We want to include some generative sounds/music into our work.
It will be rather simple in regard of the composition.

Which methods would be the prefered/stable/compatible ones to bring audio to the Web/Babylon Project?
There are web implementations from Pure Data, Max … basically to JavaScript(?) for including in a Webproject(?).
Would that be a good way to go? Or better to program it straight with WebAudio?

Are there some people/projects with experience for that kind of topic, who might share some ideas?

Just had a thought… As Babylon has already some of those beautiful node editors.
What a bout an audio editor e.g. like

Unfortunately can not wait for that ;).


What I found so far… to also give something :slight_smile: not only take (oO).

Pure Data: with
WebPd - Online Compiler


MAx and Rnbo:

of coursethe link from the docu to the WebAudio

Thank you so much.


pinging our audio guru @docEdub

Sounds like an interesting project!

The tools you’re referring to can all have their WebAudio AudioContext set manually, which you can get using Babylon’s AudioEngine.audioContext property.

This will work fine for standard playback using tools like WebPd, tone.js, etc.

If you want to move the generative sounds spatially with Babylon meshes, that will require a bit of extra work using the WebAudio API directly.

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Thanks for the link to NoiseCraft. I hadn’t seen this project, yet. It looks like it can be integrated into Babylon fairly easily and might even be worth making a community extension for!

We’ve had a few requests for a node-based audio graph editor, so it’s on my radar to implement after the new Babylon audio engine is ready. Stay tuned :wink:


Whats the “new Babylon audio engine?” like?

We r looking to work with Tone.js for now as it seems that it has the tools, musicians like to work with. Instruments etc.
Also it seems to be pretty slick.
Will share my experience…


For most users the new audio engine will look similar to the old one, but things like integrating tone.js will be easier to do.

Forum discussion thread for it is here:
Audio Engine v2 Feedback and Discussion Thread - Announcements - Babylon.js (