Get a Vector3 from a Matrix and other Vector 3

Good morning,
I need to get a Vector3 from the multiplication of a 3x3 Matrix and another Vector 3. I know each componet from the matrix so I thought that defining it using Matrix.FromValue will be the best way. Then I found that FromValue only creates a 4x4 matrix so I try to use the matrix.GetAsMatrix3x3 but the result is not a matrix so I can’t use it.
I don’t know who to do it any more. Someone can recommend me a way to do it please.
I attach the playground where I was trying it.

TransformNormal and TransformCoordinates need a Matrix (which is a Matrix4)

I know, but when I changed it to use the matrix4 and I use the result to move the sphere, it disappeared!

FromValues receives a sequence of values, not an array :slight_smile: MATRIX | Babylon.js Playground (