Getting Error Subsequent variable declarations must have the same type. after install Babylon version 5.0 beta 9.0.0

Subsequent variable declarations must have the same type. Variable ‘VRFrameData’ must be of type ‘{ new (): VRFrameData; prototype: VRFrameData; }’, but here has type ‘any’

Please let me know how to fix this .

Thank you

i’ll check that. Shouldn’t happen.

I see that you are using the babylonjs package, are there any other packages that you are using along this one?

YES ,it my conflict with Typescript package



Typescript.dom.d.ts having some code how i will alias that

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what version of typescript are you using? what types are you adding?

Typescript :4.0.2

could you try with 4.5.4 which is the current one we use ?


After Renaming Babylon.module.d.ts file variable working fine .but worry about after change variable name in .ts file should it effect any other pleace.

Old Variable name:declare var VRFrameData: any;
New Variable name:declare var VRFrameData_baby: any;

After make this change compile successfully

Hello @Kiran_Rohit just checking in, do you still have an issue?

Still experiencing this issue. Is there any other solution than upgrading typescript version?

Is there an issue with upgrading typescript?

Babylon’s typings are generated using typescript 4.7.X, but I assume an earlier version should still work. just not a version that has the dom.lib.ts typings incorrect.

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