Getting position .gltf model

Hello, I am using colyseus and adding gltf model as character. So, I need to sync the character position perfectly I am able to get position inside import mesh only which is not so proper for sending and setting the positional data model.
Playground which I’m using.

Hi @Abhishek_Shakya

Sorry but I’m sur to understand. You want to place the character at a position and you can’t do it?

No, actually I’m using these characters for multi-user. So, whenever a new client joins then we can able to see his gltf model, and whenever the client moves that character then other connected users can see the newly updated position. So, for that, I need to get the position of gltf model so we can send that to colyseus server.

In this case create a parent TransformNode you use for communication even before loading. end in the importMesh callback, just set dude.parent = yourTransformNode.


can you please give me an idea about using this playground?

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Thanks for this, I’ll check this and connect to you thanks :slight_smile: