Gizmo Bounding Box - Exclude Mesh


I have a problem about Gizmo Bounding Box.

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As you can see Bounding Box fits perfectly with this object. But when I add another mesh as children to this object Bounding Box become to this:

I wanted to this mesh or possible upcoming meshes to do not break original bounding box. Is there any way to do this? I saw ignoreChildren property but hierarchy is parent(which gizmo attached) - children - children (the one I want to exclude) . So I can’t use ignoreChildren on attached mesh. It would be nice if I can exclude specific meshes.

I do not think it is possible and it sounds like a edge case to me as when you will use it, it will impact none visible children on the selection.

@Cedric might have a different view ???

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The bounding box used for gizmo is the same used for rendering, so its computation based on mesh hierarchy will not change.

If you want to update an object while keeping the original BB, you can recompute its position/rotation/scaling in the gizmo.onDrag.