Gizmos check collisions on position change

Hello! I am importing babylon models to my project and need to check collision between them on drag move. Please, can you explain me how to do this? I will be very glad if someone helps me:)

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Can you share a playground of what you have so far?

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Hello. I am using gizmoManager for object position control. And need to check collisions on drag move.
This is my playground: Babylon.js Playground

Good day! also interested in solving this problem. I would be grateful for your help.

Sorry, I must have missed the reply before. @RaananW Do you know how to set this up?

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That’s an interesting one.
Currently we don’t check for collisions when using the gizmos. To check for collisions we will need to integrate the collider in the move function. Should be a nice feature to add! But it is not that simple at the current state

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Can u explain me where I need to integrate it? I will try to do it myself. Or may be I can change dragbehaviour for gizmos?

You can look at how the camera movement is working with the collider (the collideWithWorld function would be a great starting point), and how moveWithCollision works (in mesh).