GLB Export fails

I have found a possible bug in the GLB exporter.

The issue is that the exported GLB model gets messed up if it has a parent transform node and contains a skeleton.

Here is a PG of a model with get messed up when it is exported:

If the parent transform node is removed the model is exported just fine.

I have put the exported model on our CDN for illustrating the issue in this PG:

cc @bghgary in case he has a clue

There is a problem with the code that converts handedness. For now, you can set the scene to right-handed and then it will export properly.


If you don’t mind, please file a GitHub issue for this. Thanks.

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I have filed an issue. Thanks

Does the workaround work btw?

Yes I can confirm it works :slight_smile:

Do you know an simple way to convert a transform node from left to right?

The easiest thing to do is invert one of the scale axes.

This issue is now fixed in this PR: Stop baking LH to RH in glTF serializer by bghgary · Pull Request #13909 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub.

Note that it’s a breaking change in the sense that we are no longer baking the handedness conversion, so be aware that the asset will be slightly different when exporting LH data to a glTF.

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