GLTF Modification

How to modify the key value pair of “gltf” file?
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I’m not sure I understand… Can you be a little more specific?

how to access the data inside in gltf file

If you want to modify a glTF file “by hand”, you can use Visual Studio Code: there’s an extension that will let you display and modify the content of the file.

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No , not “by hand” , I want to modify it automatically/dynamically , by writing the code in babylon.js format and yes what extension you are talking about.

The glTF exporter takes the current meshes / scene and generates the gltf/glb file, you can’t really change anything in it, unless you write an extension that would alow you to modify the data before it is exported.

You can take example from the existing extensions that can be found in:

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@Ankit I am completely unsure what you are trying to do…

A gltf is a JSON file you can modify without babylon in this case ?

how we can access the data from gltf file?

Also try glTF-Transform, which works on browser and node.js.

First things first: What sort of ‘data’ do you need to access, modify or extract? You would need to be a bit more explicit if you don’t want us to just guess, try, fail and guess again :wink: