Gltf transformnodes coordinate conversion is invalid

I have been trying to replace the Texture for gltf. Now there is a picture frame model. The root node is transformnodes. I found that removing the parent node from the transformnodes node can not affect the gltf coordinates to be consistent with babylonjs
This is my test code

I have tested it before. If the root node of the model is a general 3D element, gltf coordinate conversion is effective

Please, as we discussed on another thread, provide a repro in the playground.

Why not simply creating the texture without the inverty flag in this case or relying on a right handed scene.

I can’t use my own model in the playground. Where can I upload the model to be used in the playground

Using External Assets In the Playground | Babylon.js Documentation would help


test ok

// one.scaling.x=5;
// one.scaling.y=5;
// one.scaling.z=2.5;

Looking at the wrong picture, it should be caused by zooming

It seems that after handling, x, y and Z are confused

you need to create the cam and env after if you are scaling everything:

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I suggest that for the gltf classification of help documents, a special tutorial should be made around gltf. After all, gltf is the most convenient way to display 3D data on the web. Many people should get started from gltf in the future

Hello @qqqzhch just checking in, was your question answered?