GLTFExporter exports model that doesn't load in Babylon (or elsewhere)

The mesh has a skeleton. SceneSerializer.Serialize works fine but GLTFExporter causes the meshes to look a little strange and the GLB files either (1) don’t render or (2) appear as they do when GLTFExporter completes (the screenshot below)

The specific error seems to be: “Invalid recursive node hiearchy”

This happens on the latest alpha build.

Playground #1 (showing the original & strange-looking scene):
Playground #2 (showing the exception when re-importing):

The playgrounds might take about a minute to load, these are not small GLB files. These GLB files were exported from Blender, but I’ve seen similar results when exporting from Maya instead.

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This one is definitely for @Drigax

Interesting, thanks for the PG. I’ll take a look now.

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I’m still planning on looking into this, this may be related to some other skinning related issues we are having with the engine, I’m currently investigating the engine first, before looking at our export process.