Gothenburg-based contractor open for assignments (again!)

I’m about to close another commercial Babylon.js project. This time the renderer was part of a full stack proof of concept which I developed from scratch with Vue.js, the WebSocket API, Spring Boot, JNI and C++. I will soon be available for a new assignment. Who’s next? :slight_smile:

[shameless copy-paste starts here]

I am a Gothenburg-based contractor, pivoting a mechanical engineer career into proper software development. (I write “proper” because I have done a lot of programming since the second half of the 90’s, but relatively little fully-fledged software development to this date.)

I am particularly interested in the development of highly interactive, graphics-rich web applications, and have elected to invest in Babylon.js for client-side 3D rendering. As far as backend goes, I am most familiar with C#/.NET, but I wouldn’t mind dipping my toes into other solutions if the job requires it.

Please consider the following perks that can make up for my relative juniority in software development:

  • solid understanding of classical physics,
  • decent knowledge of linear algebra,
  • proven problem solving skills,
  • strong quality mindset,
  • experience translating high-level end-user requirements into low-level IT specifications,
  • relative fluency in English, Swedish and French,
  • contractor operating via own limited company,
  • extensive knowledge of computer-aided engineering (CAE) if you’re into that. (I am!)

There is a lot more info available on my LinkedIn profile, which I am happy to share with you in a PM if you are interested.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!