Gothenburg-based contractor open for assignments

Being one commercial Babylon.js project wiser, I am trying my luck again here :slight_smile:

[shameless copy-paste starts here]

I am a Gothenburg-based contractor, pivoting a mechanical engineer career into proper software development. (I write “proper” because I have done a lot of programming since the second half of the 90’s, but relatively little fully-fledged software development to this date.)

I am particularly interested in the development of highly interactive, graphics-rich web applications, and have elected to invest in Babylon.js for client-side 3D rendering. As far as backend goes, I am most familiar with C#/.NET, but I wouldn’t mind dipping my toes into other solutions if the job requires it.

Please consider the following perks that can make up for my relative juniority in software development:

  • solid understanding of classical physics,
  • decent knowledge of linear algebra,
  • proven problem solving skills,
  • strong quality mindset,
  • experience translating high-level end-user requirements into low-level IT specifications,
  • relative fluency in English, Swedish and French,
  • contractor operating via own limited company,
  • extensive knowledge of computer-aided engineering (CAE) if you’re into that. (I am!)

There is a lot more info available on my LinkedIn profile, which I am happy to share with you in a PM if you are interested.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!


yo @jbl looking for some help. if you’re down to chat


Hi, this is my website, in case you still need someone like described in your post.

See “Tank game” under “Main”, and use keyboard adws, klpn and bar to operate, or gamepad. Sorry if sound is too loud.

Hi @jbl , we’re starting a CAE/WebGL project that you might enjoy. Email me ( if you would like to discuss it further. Thanks! --Vince–

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