Graph Editor Animations

I have imported a glb with animation into a scene and am looking to set up a visual scripting graph to play it after a trigger. After adding a Start Animation node, I wasn’t sure what to plug in to the “node” input.


At the moment, I have a mesh output with my glb’s root node connected into that input but that doesn’t appear to be the way to do it. What should I be connecting to that instead?

The docs say to see node’s properties. What does this mean?

Thanks in advanced. :slight_smile:

I guess this one is for @julien-moreau.

Hey @tbunker!

Unfortunately, all the documentation you can find here Using the Graph Editor - Babylon.js Documentation is outdated as the Graph Editor of V4 has been remaed from scratch as well.

I still have to wirte documentation for this part! Also, take care because this is a beta it this will maybe require breaking changes on some nodes until we get the final version of the Visual Script Editor.

In Babylon.JS, each node can have a list of animations. The “Start Animation” node will just start the animation of the given node (here “root”). As you are using GLTF, I don’t think the “root” node has any animation but some of its children will have.

I would love to get feedbacks from you about the Visual Script Editor especially on what nodes are missing and useful


Hi @julien-moreau,

I’ll work on compiling that list of missing and useful nodes for you and should have something for you soon. :slight_smile:

As far as connecting the animation goes, I’m connecting a Mesh node into a Get Property node to try and get joint or animation data from that mesh. I opened the mesh in the integrated sandbox and saw the animation groups for the object.

“All Animations_channel0” looked to be connected to the joint I want to animate (Door_L_JNT).

But I don’t think I’m connecting/naming stuff properly. I’m referencing this document for the object path:

Is this how I use these nodes or is there a different way to get the animation groups?

Hey @tbunker
Unfotunately accessing properties is limited to simple paths (like a.b.c) where complex paths like “a.b[0].c[2]” is not possible. Today you can’t play animation groups using the Editor.

The Editor doesn’t have notion of animation groups at the moment and I’m implementing it right now.
What I have noticed is that if you already loaded scenes with animation groups, the animation groups haven’t been saved and you’ll have to re-import your objects in scene to get animation groups working :frowning: As a beta version, this was in my todolist and was not yet available :frowning:

You’ll soon be able to do something like that:

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Thank you for the info! I look forward to the upcoming features. :slight_smile: