Grass Meshes Instances or include in GLB?

I’m working on a nature scene and I’d like to add some grass meshes throughout. These are very low poly grass meshes that would appear in clumps throughout the environment. Here is an example of what the grass would look like:

I was wondering if it would be more performant to generate these using thin instances or if placing these manually in Blender would be better. If the performance difference is negligible I’d probably do this in Blender as it would be easier. Thoughts?

Pick thin instances if you are going to animate them. If you they are static meshes I’m not sure if there’s a difference – perhaps a lower memory footprint, I don’t know about the performance.

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Thanks, I’ll probably start off with just static meshes but I’d like to add a custom shadow for animating the grass moving around.

its not babylon but its beautiful



That looks really nice, thanks! I’ll have to take a look at that for future projects as well, might come in useful.

i did a pg search for grass

this one is a nice starting place to play around with as a baseline comparison