GUI Editor :: InputText is now missing font selection?

Either I’m very tired or the selector for the font has just recently disappeared from the toolbox in the GUI Editor for the control InputText? Could you kindly double check that? Thanks,

Seems to be here, is that what you mean? :thinking:
Anyway, please don’t forget to rest! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks, I believe I did rest. Just checked this morning on chrome for both mac and windows, safari on mac and Edge on Win and I get this for all??!

Or is it so that it does not exist for this control and I selected it from the root style?

Oh no I’m sorry, I confused InputText for TextBlock (guess I need to wake up too :sweat_smile: ), yeah, I don’t see a font selection for InputText too, but I don’t think there ever was any? @PatrickRyan can confirm it.

Just found another potential issue, trying to fix this by changing my root default font.
The point is I need a value expressed in percentage mode. Although this default (from the root value) is only used for these 4 inputText controls that where not even in the active tab (understand visible=false) my FPS instantly dropped from 60 to 15fps and even down to 4fps on resize. Restoring a default value for the root font in pixels, the scene runs smoothly again.

@carolhmj all containers and all text controls should have all of the font styling parameters on them. Containers get them because they should set the default for any children and the individual text controls should be able to override those defaults with parameters on the control.