Looking for advice about right API for make boxes aligned to each other

Hi there, I am learning BabylonJS API and wonder if there is API or a way to have boxes aligned like “face of box1 touch(or on distance) of back of box2” Is there API or concept doing that. If anybody know another tool for computing such things it will be appreciated.

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if they are boxes, you should be able to compute it simply by adding width, height, or length to find to next position in the box Axis aligned space ?

Do you mean something like displaying elements in a grid? If so, I’m not aware of any ready made API for that. The closest we have is a GUI Grid container, but that’s for GUI elements, not 3D objects: The Babylon GUI | Babylon.js Documentation (babylonjs.com). Object position is something that varies quite a bunch per project so not everyone will place objects like that.

Hi @Sky were you able to get the effect you wanted? :slight_smile: