GUI InputTextArea broken

Hello @RaananW

Following my update on the Babylon JS Repository Viewer topic, I have new materials to share :

I am running a working version (see at the end) of the HTML/CSS vw that I use like so :

control.width = vw(10)+"px";
  • Here the function vw just does a pixel conversion
  • At the end the idea would be to be able to do like in CSS :
control.width = "10vw";

Also, there is another issue with the ScrollViewer : The horizontal bar sometimes appear even if there is no horizontal width to scroll (it actually scrolls 1 pixel only). It’s not consistent, depends on the overall size. (Resizing the screen has the horizontal bar randomly triggered, or not)

In therm of issue repro, I can share but I’m not sure it will be the same on another machine since it seems to be size dependent. FYI I’m in FullHD, and on my machine :

  • this is not OK (triggers a 1 pixel horizontal scroll)
  • this is OK (no horizontal scroll)
    In the working version I have added :
subContainer.width = 0.99;

In order to force a smaller size of the inner container, but it’s not very neat…

Having a look at the API I see that there is the forceHorizontalBar param, but it seems it’s only to force it visible with true (false doesn’t hide, but lets it auto). Could be nice to be able to force it false;