GUI onPointerDownObservable only firing once?

I’m getting weird behavior when trying to trigger a on click observable:

When you click in the elips it should continue to keep lowering the rectangle but it only fires once.

Hi i73

I see same symptom. It happens in my FF and Chrome browsers.

If you move your mouse pointer off-canvas between clicks… then you can repeat click.

ie. Click, then move pointer off-canvas, then pointer back-atop canvas, click again, repeat.

There MIGHT have been some changes to browser events that happened in October 2019, so maybe not BJS fault, but still broken.

I read-thru the issues list… nothing pertinent seen. Let’s ping @Deltakosh, too … see if he has some words.

Sidenote: DK, I’m seeing no “easy name selector” feature (forum software) when trying to @ping other users. Just me? Others? shrug. Maybe a Discourse problem, but still needed reporting to BJS executive offices. heh.

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GUI functions normally for me (4.0.1) so maybe it’s a babylon issue?

Edit: after updating chrome to the newest version I’m experiencing the same issue of onPointerDown only firing once.

I think the @ping issue is on your end

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Hey @Ateria … thx for tests/info… well done. @ping thing is definitely on my end… with FF. I am logged-in with G-Chrome now… @ping names list is working fine. Thx again for verification and for de-goosing my goose-chasing.

I’m off to troubleshoot my stuff. Update of FF to newest… 60.9.0esr, no change seen. hmm.

Yep. Clicking issue remains open/active.

On it!

Here we are:

Check line #33. To help with perf, you have to declare GUI elements that can receive events with isPointerBlocker


@Wingnut no problem, sorry I didn’t have more information for you.

@Deltakosh Thank you for being around, and helping as much as you do. We all appreciate it. <3 I know it’s your job, but I can tell it’s also out of passion. I love it. It’s the main reason I use Babylon over other frameworks.


It’s a passion that became a job :smiley: