GUI StackPanel padding causes problem

Here is a PG with a stack panel with a top padding. There should be two buttons in the panel, but the bottom one is cut off when there is a padding. If you remove the padding it is fine. Is this a bug?

I must be stupid but I see no padding :slight_smile:

I must have forgotten to save it before copying the link. Here you go:

Also, I am having a really hard time getting the stack panel to expand horizontally. Here I have defined a height on the buttons but they just disappear:

On the horizontal thing, i think it’s a case of not using the isVertical property?

That does it. Thank you. There is absolutely no mention of that property in the docs that I could find.

Yeah it isn’t that easily found now that you mention it.

On the main gui page Use the Babylon GUI - Babylon.js Documentation there seems to be 3 references to “isVertical”.
2 of them on Slider part, and 1 on ImageBasedSlider.

There is a mention of …“based on its orientation (can be horizontal or vertical).” on the stackpanel part which implies that orientation is a thing but the actual property isVertical is not told and it doesn’t appear to be demonstrated in the example stackpanel link either.

Fixed and added to the Docs.

Thank you sebavan. By “fixed” do you mean just the docs? Or did you fix the issue with the padding?

Just the doc :slight_smile: