[GUI] StructuredTextBlock: multiple colors/styles in one block of text

Feel free to make adjustments to textbook as you see fit. I personally am very open to this PR and feel free to add me on the review for it.

You can also continue the conversation on here and then on GitHub once you have a PR. My personal apprehension to this this might be more of a design question. Does the [{text:“my string”}] feel intuitive? Maybe it totally does! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Just want to double check this is the best approach. Also I think it would be best to keep everything on the current textblock. If there is a huge overhaul to the internals of it this will require a lot of testing. Plus remember any new changes must maintain backwards compatibility.

@msDestiny14 I prepared the PR here.
This is a PR to iterate over.
Please tell me what do you think about it! :wink:


I added a frame style (e.g. could be used for mardown backtick rendering, or whatever).


The progress made to StructuredTextBlock make it easy to plug in some nice effects with only few lines of codes:



  • Support for hover effect
  • Support for clickable text part (hyperlink-like)