Is it possible to style text in a TextBlock with tags like <b> <color> etc?

I see there’s a nice solution here:

But I wanted to check if anything has been added to the official api. Thanks!

I’m afraid not. I did suggest it (a couple or more times) but so far, looks like we are not there yet (unless I missed it which would be terrible). Did I? …Let’s just ask BJS team’s GUI angel :innocent: :grin: @carolhmj

Yup we don’t have anything on the API yet, sorry :sweat_smile:

There was a PR for something simular once… seems closed but never merged though.

Yes, that’s the one I was ‘challenging’ and using as a base to try revive the topic (in a more ‘focused’ version) and as part of the ‘official’. But from @carolhmj response, it looks like this is still not on the menu yet. May be some day? :grinning: