GUI with tree view


What GUI framework (javascript) would you recommend for BabylonJS. specially to have a tree view, so I can show the objects on a scene. I have used dat.gui but it doesn’t have the tree view.

Thanks in advance



I personally haven’t used the MEDIUM GUI with babylon.js; however a colleague of mine was using it on a recent dev project, and had positive things to say. This appears to be a decent GUI tool, however since it’s native HTML you should be able to modify it to recognize objects. Otherwise building a hierarchy view of meshes and elements shouldn’t be that hard.

As for existing tree vies of BJS elements, I personally know of none that are made for a running babylon.js scene. But check this out on Github:


I know it’s not what you’re looking for, but I always know my hierarchies as I created them or can view them in my 3D application before exporting.


React has some decent TreeView as well.
Main question is: do you want your UI to be with HTML or using bjs GUI?

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

Basically I want to show the treeview on top of the canvas, so the user can select the objects on the scene, it can be either HTML or Babylon. I’ll test React and see how to overlay it over Babylon canvas.



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I’m using EasyUI.


I’m checking easyui and looks very good. Are you using vanilla JavaScript or using frameworks/libraries like React?


hi, can you find a tree that can be shown in Babylon

Pure Vanilla.

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Thanks, I’m using it, it’s very good. Thanks for the advice!