GUI zIndex not updating

This one was suuuuch a pain.

I tried making an example for this a week or two ago, but… well… ah whatever… i was able to reproduce my issues after all so that’s good. :smile:

Edit: Also while i’m here, i would like to ask – when calling .dispose(), is the item supposed to disappear from my screen?

It used to - but now sometimes it doesn’t remove the item from screen and i have to manually remove them using removeControl().

Hiya lihis! Good to see you again!

Umm… I think we have a bug… involving controls losing their .parent, at times.

Is that working any better?

Notice lines 69/70. I have to FORCE the controls to have parents… periodically. Why? Cuzzzzzzz…

If the control has no parent… thisControl.parent._reOrderControl(thisControl); …never happens.

And if you nop-out lines 69/70, you can see at-console… that the children (controls) occasionally lose their parents (usually caused by parents walking too fast). :wink:

Children should always stay with their parents… forever… to save on rent. :slight_smile:

Let’s ping-up Admiral @Deltakosh to have a little look at this… maybe tell us what we are screwing-up.

Comments from others… also welcome, of course, including info about disposing controls. The intermittent loss of control.parent… COULD be affecting disposal, too. (likely so, because a disposed child cannot find WHICH parent container to remove itself-from).

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Nice digging there Wingie! :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe the parent loosing thing could also be the reason why dispose() doesn’t always seem to remove items from the screen when in 3.3 it did? I don’t know though, but would kind of make sense

Edit: Nice edit there :sweat_smile:

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Thx! hehe… yeah, I was still thinking about disposal, and so were you. (hi5) :slight_smile: synergy!

Yep, I think you might have found a BIG bug… a big hairy 8-legged thing… productivity-sucking fangs. Good job! You’re going to get your BJS BugBusters badge. Coooool.

Excellent issue-reproducing playground, too, Lihis! You rock!

Well this is not a bug per se but more a missing function :slight_smile:
I’ll make sure to add it for next nightly and I’ll report back here when done

Well actually it was a huge fat bug :slight_smile: Fixed now. Will be in next nightly and next npm update
This bug was also the reason why the dispose was sometimes not working

Sorry about the inconvenience and thanks for reporting it!


Alright thanks guys :smile:

I did hi5 you back in my mind btw @Wingnut … sorry if it felt like i left you hanging :sweat_smile:
I suppose if there was a laaaaame joke involved, maybe i would leave you hanging, so it’s not impossible but not in this case :smile:

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