Guys something i need to do in BABYLONJS?

Hey Guys,

Can i embed a fully working website on a 3D mesh or model like a working webpage on a TV model ?

Nope. and Yes! :slight_smile:

You can’t do it with WebGL alone. you will need to integrate CSS objects on top of that canvas to make it appear as if it is a part of the scene. Masking it in case there are objects above it might be an interesting task. You can see this thread, which show roughly what you want to achieve (and roughly how to achieve it :slight_smile: ):

i opened your playgroud example its saying createscene function must return a scene

first - not “my playground”, I am (sadly) not responsible to this wonderful feature.
Second - here is a quick fix - this happened because we changed the playground a bit -

Pressing play will keep the old video in place, so make sure to refresh instead, until it is fixed.

thanks for the reply
can we open a web application like skype on a 3D mesh or model?