Have 3D GUI always on top

I’m trying to have a functional 3D GUI that is always rendered on top of the other meshes.

I’ve succeeded by modifying the renderingGroupId of the buttons.

However, for the click detection workaround I’ve tried the solution suggested in this thread but scene.multiPick doesn’t seems to work for 3D GUI elements…

Is there a way to have a 3D GUI that is always rendered on top and that can react to click events?

RenderingGroupID & utility layers affect what order meshes painted, thus ways to ensure they always shown. Getting chosen from a picking is related to where a mesh is. Not sure there is an easy solution, except to use a 2D GUI. I have a 3D GUI outside of the framework. I do not want to this, but if I did, I would try moving the button meshes.

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If you can set isPickble = false of all meshes in front of your 3D GUI, it will work.


Hello @jetavut just checking in, was your question answered?

Yes, I have marked an answer as solution.

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