Hebru Brantley Solus in Babylon.js

I just completed the interactivity work to make this art exhibit for artist Hebru Brantley in Babylon.js. I started with a model exported from Blender.


Light is tuned very well :slight_smile:

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Yes, I agree. A good balance between immersion and being able to see the artworks without ‘disturbance’. An uneasy task of integration, isn’t it?:wink: I would have the same comment as for the other galleries works seen so far in BJS. I believe it is missing a 1 more stage zoom or lightbox to be able to see the art in full. After all, the gallery should be here to serve the art, don’t you think?
A very niece piece of work. Might even deserve a featuring? pinging @PirateJC

@Michael_Scherotter this is excellent indeed. I love the way you did the lighting with a 3D model of the guy holding the bulb! Really great!

Any objections to me adding this to the Babylon.js community page?

Please do - Phillips in Collaboration with Bloom Galerie Presents SOLUS BY HEBRU BRANTLEY Virtual Selling... - Artwire Press Release from ArtfixDaily.com

Added! Should be live in a couple of minutes