Artland, now using BabylonJS for its Realtime Art Exhibitions!

Hello wonderful team behind Babylon!
It’s about time I present Artlands VR Art Exhibitions. Thanks to you we are able to power interactive experiences through mobile, desktop and VR headsets. We have almost fully migrated from using Unity to this wonderful engine and I personally and professionally cannot be happier.

To align with our platform, we use the react-babylon “react” integration

To check out all of our available VR exhibitions, get started here:

It’s an incredible and versatile engine, and I really appreciate the time and effort you keep bringing!
Here’s to you!


Very nicely done :heart_eyes:. This is really a good balance between the capabilities of the engine and a non-destructive experience where the art needs to be placed at the center and not diluted or altered by fancy gameplay, camera or FX. I very much like the way you worked the interaction with the paintings with the small highlight on the frame when entering the trigger area only and the smooth targeting on the artwork and soft camera movement. Very slick and nice. GJ,

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This is awesome and beautiful !!! @PirateJC, I guess you need to do your thing :slight_smile:

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That’s so nice, I love how smooth the movement feels :smile:

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Simply Amazing Sir!!!

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Very smooth on a macbook pro, always my main feedback :joy:

Great loading time

I personally find these controls the inverse of what gamers/younger audience expect though and older audiences from experiences let me tell you don’t know what to expect from 3D web experiences anyways so does not matter what you pick

I also wish this took over by whole window when I click enter

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@Jannick I’d love to throw some attention to this on Twitter.

Do you have a twitter account I can ping with a tweet?

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That’s amazing, thanks! You can ping this account: