Hello World Ribbon

I want to make a ribbon that looks like stairs.

So if I have a path that looks like this:

How do I make that a ribbon that looks like stairs?


Uh … stairs, not stars. :grinning: :grinning:


So, I am not trying to make stairs. I am trying to understand the basic, most fundamental ribbon. I guess the simplest ribbon is a rectangle.

The idea is a have the points of a stair step line. How do I extrude that making it stairs.

The documentation starts with a complex shape that doesn’t look like a ribbon at all.

The documentation says you have to send it an array of arrays.

The parameters are not self evident: what is a closeArray? what is a closePath? What is a pathArray?

The next page looks promising:

It talks about an A path and a B path. Perfect. But there is no example of it using an A path and a B path. It jumps into a helix.

I am not sure if this is right or not:

So, I guess this is the solution:

Now I don’t understand the way the light plays off it. It looks curved, but it is not. Strange.