【help】There was a problem deploying BABYLONJS locally

Hi, I want to deploy a babylonjs viewer locally. Can be used without internet.
But I’m having a problem now and I’m getting a lot of errors. I don’t know why, can someone help me?

For sure, the community is really reactive and amazingly helpful :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do without an explanation of the issue you have or reproduction.

npm i result ↑

npm start result ↑

You have something else already running on port 1337 it seems:

I reported a lot of errors after using npm start ↑

cc @RaananW

Is running npm run build:dev working correctly?

Now about your initial question - there is no reason to start the core babylon repo to use the viewer offlie. Just use the @babylonjs/viewer package to implement your experience. This would probably be a much simpler process for you.

I am not sure ehat is wrong with your system, and it is very hard to understand what is going on without getting debug information about your system. It used to work (as I remember you already had issues), what was the problem back then?

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