Help with colyseus

I added colyseus to my project and its not working?
It is stuck on the same message everytime, I’ve read every guide and that has not helped me :C
can someone please help me?

You might have more luck in the colyseus forum:

As it was pointed out above this is not the right forum but I’m using a colyseus for my project too, so maybe I can help you with what I know unless it’s prohibited by the forum rules but I haven’t seen anything like that…

Not sure what do you mean about the message being stuck, are you sure it got delivered to your server? Are you testing it on your local machine or do you host it somewhere? Have you tried the samples, do they work okay for you? Do you have a firewall ON?

If your game gets stuck when you receive a message or your server is in the infinite loop execution and keeps resending the same thing over and over again then it’s your code error rather than colyseus, I’d start with bare-bones just getting a connection and broadcasting some “hello world” to everyone :slight_smile:

I used the guide on babylon and changed everything to my own way. Its stuck on loading colyseus sdk fil;es
Im hosting it so its not local machine.
Samples give the same results or it says “couldnt connect”

First, you should make sure the colyseus server is running and is not blocked: