HexTank.io | Play-to-earn Web3 instant game

Hi everyone!

HexTank.io is a play-to-earn Web3 instant game built on the Nimiq blockchain. The action takes place in a PVP sci-fi battle arena. You are in charge of a HexTank. Your job is to eliminate all other players and climb to the top of the score leaderboard. HexTank.io is available on all major browsers, including desktop and mobile versions.

You can play HexTank.io in two modes: free mode and paid mode with Nimiq. Each HexTank gets 5 health points when joining a continuous deathmatch tournament and 10 seconds of invincibility to find a hideout.

In the free mode, you fight for the #1 place on the score leaderboard. You will rank based on the total damage that you have given.

In the paid mode, you will join a continuous deathmatch tournament with a 500 NIM entry fee. 90% of the fee goes to the prize pool. For a complete kill of your enemy, you earn 450 NIM. For each dealt hit, you get 90 NIM. The HexTank with the most NIM earned gets all the glory on the score leaderboard!


Feel free to share your feedback/opinions!


This looks really great! Congrats!
I noticed the camera can get inside the building.

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That’s the preferred camera style. So you can run around and don’t get blocked by obstacles like other third person shooters.

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Nice one !!! cc @PirateJC

That looks great @inn3r It runs very well, only issue is the lag between click left or right and the tank actually turning. Maybe a spectator mode would be cool to be able to watch a competition :stuck_out_tongue:

What netwrking solution did you use? ( I’m always interested in those things :slight_smile: )

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For the backend I’m using Colyseus: https://www.colyseus.io/.
You can check your ping here: HexTank.io or click the ROOMS button. If its around 200-300 you will experience lag because there is no game server near you.

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Hi there very nice little game you have here.

I think I found a possible bug on mobile? I jumped on using my iphone 14 pro max and the character was flashing the entire time till i began to move.

captured during flashing

captured after moving around.

overall not bad! liked the mobile controls. I would suggest some better colors? tank blends in with the ground and the buildings making it hard to see everything.

looking forward to your progress

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The HexTank flashes because you get 10 seconds of immortality when you join a game. The color theme is on purpose so you have to always be careful and look around for enemies.

Hey @inn3r

This looks super cool! I’d love to promote the project from the official Babylon.js twitter account. Are you on twitter?

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Yes, you can promote it: https://twitter.com/HexTank_io.


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