Hierarchy of Imported Meshes

Hi everyone,

I’m running into some weird errors loading & unloading from .babylon files (as exported from Blender), and on inspection I’ve noticed the following:

No imported meshes appear to have a parent property [snip].

This is strange. Hierarchical transforms (parent of a parent of a parent…) seem to be importing just fine. [snip].

Is there a way to determine a parent of an imported mesh?


Just call scene.debugLayer.show() to get the allmighty Inspector :slight_smile:

Looking more closely, each imported mesh (with a parent in Blender) has a “._parentNode” property. This corresponds to the parent before export, but (and I’ve only run a preliminary test) it doesn’t appear to be a true parent relationship in BJS, in which position, rotation and scaling changes to the parent mesh are inherited by the child meshes. Is this correct? Does the .babylon file exporter “flatten” parent hierarchies, setting the exported meshes to their absolute position, rotation and scaling?

(Edited the above, as I’d made a silly mistake with instances. Also, looks like we can’t do strikethough on the new forum. Oh well…)

Nope the exporter exports the hierarchy as expected. How does it look like in the Inspector?