High-volume .bin file in gltf output

hi anyone ,
I use babylon.js to export gltf files but after outputting the .bin file is saved in high volume, please help me faster , if anyone knows

adding @Drigax

can you repro in the playground?

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, check this out
The output of a simple coffee mug

This is an image :slight_smile: we need to original file used to generate the glb :smiley:

my file uploaded in site , please checked this and help me to how can gltf file export by smaller .bin file size

I intend to reach such a small output

like gltf file in this site

.bin in this file is my normal size

@Deltakosh let me help a little bit with this one!

@hamid_hh the issue is that you do the coffee-cup with an extreme high resolution!

I imported your file in Blender, the DCC tool I use, and you can see it originally has more than 6.8 millions vertices!

After some optimizations it goes to 48 thousand vertices, minus of 1% the original size.

And with 1 more optimization round it goes to 20 thousand vertices!

And you can see in the rendered view that is good enough.

So I exported to .glb and the final files are with 3.6mb and 1mb!

And here you can grab those files.

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very very thanks , I understood where the problem was , thanks @NRA and @Deltakosh

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Thanks buddy!

@hamid_hh and @Deltakosh you are welcome