Babylon scene / gltf / glb size

Hello there, I have been trying to bring over some fbxs to babylon js in the smallest posible size, and while my fbxs are 3mbs, the resulting babylon scene file or gltf files are almost 9mbs. I tried with another mesh of 13 mbs and the resulting file for babylon turns to be almost 20mbs.

I am using the 3dsmax plugin. Is this increase in size expected? Can I load my meshes directly from FBX o OBJ to keep a smaller size?

Thank you!

Hi you need server side gzip for compression. my 60 mb. *.babylon resources gzipped in 5 mb. Or use glb format its compressed gltf. Or you can use you fbx with sceneLoader. And look what you export maybe you export additional properties?

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Thank you! The compression method worked! From 9mbs to 1.5mbs.

But regarding the increase in size, is this normal then? Would this size change depending of the application it is coming from?

Also it seems that FBX is not supported at the moment.

Yes sorry. Fbx not support with sceneLoader.