Maya - Babylon Maya Exporter issues

Trying to import a skinned mesh exported from Maya.
I’m using BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append.

When I export to .babylon I get a funky mesh:

When I export to .gltf mesh looks fine but the animated skeleton gets funked up:

Any pointers are appreciated!

I think our exporter experts will need at least the .babylon / .gltf file produced, and probably the source asset too.

Also, have you tried to load your gltf file into another gltf viewer (for eg: That could give a clue on the faulty part: the exporter or the player.

Sure, there they (1.9 MB)

I did not try another gltf viewer. I should give that a try, thanks.

Edit: It seems like the Scale factor in the exporter does not work as expected with gltf. With .babylon the joints are scaled as expected. In this Maya file I grouped the joints and scaled the group 100x instead of using Scale factor: 100. (1.1 MB)

That does not explain the mesh issue with .babylon though, but perhaps .gltf will work just as well for me.

Hey we unfortunately are in desperate need of help on the exporter front. If someone from the community wants to help please say so :slight_smile:
In the meantime, do you mind capturing your issue on the exporters repo? Please provide as much repro as you can and we will make sure to get back to it asap

cc @thomlucc

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The model is appear to beeing so small ie - micrometer , that it need a 100 factor scaling. This made the json output format loosing information above the 4th digit…
Just fixed these behavior and raised a related issue about floating point rounding. However I have some question to the team before doing the PR, so expect some days before the release.