Hiring a senior graphic developer / architect

I work for Spectrum, a product customization platform. We’ve been building web-based 3D product customization for the likes of Under Armour, Levi’s, Leatherman, and JBL for years. We handle everything from product modeling to ecommerce integration to backend rendering to factory specifications.

We’re looking for an experienced graphic programmer to work on a team of architects to lead the design and implementation of the next generation of our rendering engine. We need someone who’s especially familiar with custom shader development, PBR materials, IBL, and emerging standards like glTF.

Feel free to DM me if you have any questions. More details and instructions for applying are here:



(Hacking the thread :))

If you guys want to share what you work on and be highlighted in our homepage, please just ask :wink:

cc @PirateJC

Hello, David! We’d love to be highlighted on your homepage. We’re going to need to earn it, first, though. (Our current rendering engine is proprietary.) We are very interested in moving to Babylon and glTF. We need an experienced graphics programmer to help us. Do you know anyone?

Pinging some good guys…

@Pryme8, @TheLeftover, @CraigFeldspar

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<3 Thanks for the ping, but I am currently overwhelmed with work. If you are not able to find some help here soon message me and I’ll see when my schedule will be open again for offers. This looks like a killer opportunity for someone.

Just had a chat with @adamshaylor. The Spectrum team is awesome…Bumping the thread :slight_smile:

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DeltaKosh, thank you for including me in the “good guys” list. :sunglasses:

adamshaylor, sorry, I am short a couple of the technologies and tool sets you seek. I can see what you are aiming at – it looks super interesting. It would be a bit of a ramp for me . . . and I am working on the late stages of another project.

Best wishes!

Bump. (Still hiring!)