Hiring Babylon Game Developers

Our company is looking for HTML5 / WebGl developers to build a game similar to Gamesnacks Fullspeed Racing to run in a web browser. Our team will provide the game design and low poly 3D Art. This is a paid contract working with our team of experienced developers. Previous published html5 / webgl games, multi-player and Javascript experience is required. We are open to working with individuals or teams. Connect with us on Telegram @Fazerbeam or reply here.

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Sounds like a really cool gig hope the community will fullspeed race (easy one I know…) for it !!!

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Nice one :joy:

I am workin on a new havok physics based racing system with ai track manager.

My new Babylon Toolkit - Version 7 now supports any BabylonJS projects. Here is a playground
that demos using interactive exported Unity content. Using the Unity Starter Assets:

Unity Interactive Content Demo

Note: Racing Demo Coming Soon


You could always just show them the MVRK Racer that we made too.

Look forward to seeing the Racer system or MVRK system. Send me a telegram message to @fazerbeam

Looks great! will message you.