HIRING! Freelancer for MVP project (Latin America/US Time Zone)

Hello, I’m a Business Designer/Copywritter at a Brazilian startup and I’m looking to bring someone on to help us with the babylon.js development. Our game will be a blockchain take on classic war strategy and city building games. From the Dark Ages to Space exploration.

Ideally I’m looking for:

  • Babylon.js experience
  • Good WebGL understanding
  • Comfortable with blockchain, nfts or city building/war strategy games.
  • Proactivity
  • Crossover with US Central~Eastern Timezone

We are flexible with hours / rate, if you interested, send me an email
(odenircesar@outlook.com) with a resume and some links to your work, I look forward to hearing from you!

PS: If you happen to know a friend or old coleague that is a game designer/illustrator, make sure to mention us.
We are looking for that aswell.