[remote] šŸŽ‰ Work with me on Cryptovoxels

Heya, Iā€™m the developer of Cryptovoxels and Iā€™m looking to bring someone on to help me with the babylon.js development. CV is a virtual city with a voxel world builder integrated into it. The ownership of the city is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, and the land is traded on OpenSea.

Ideally Iā€™m looking for:

  • Babylon.js experience
  • Good WebGL understanding
  • Comfortable with typescript, react and preact
  • Mind for performance
  • Crossover with NZ timezone (GMT+12)

Iā€™m pretty flexible with hours / rate etc, so if this sounds like you, fire me an email (bnolan@gmail.com) with a resume and some links to your work, I look forward to hearing from you! :squid:



Excellent! (just moved it to the right category)

Pinging some people who may be interested (@Pryme8, @TheLeftover)

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Thanks Deltakosh. Had a few people contact me, but timezones are the hardest thing. Europe and NZ is 12 hours apart. :ā€™(

Let me bump your post a bit :slight_smile:

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