Honda PBR Sketch

Hey guys, and please take a look at the sketch that I built using Babylon and GLTF.

Honda Civic UTC

It is part of a website that I have been developing the last few months to host my 3d projects. The page runs an engine in the background and loads and unloads scenes using the ES6 create scene modules from @RaananW .

Please let me know what you think, and any details you might be able to offer regarding load times or difficulty on specific platforms. I will be posting additional content, and releasing some of the tools developed along with it, over the next couple weeks.



This looks fantastic! Wouldn’t look out of place in an ad for the car :slight_smile: Love the reflections of the skyline on the windows. check it out @PirateJC!

Hey @rdurnin

Looks fantastic! How would you feel about me adding it to the community page?

OMG thats my car :smiley:

(Now if it can be the same color that would be sweet!)


Hey @PirateJC

Thanks, and please do. How long did it take to get graphics on the screen?


Tires showed up right away. The car took about a 1.5 seconds on my machine.

Thanks. They are both being added to the scene at the same time (container.addAllToScene), so that lag is due to drawing and not downloads (Aces!).

Ok this has now been added to the community page. Should be live in a couple minutes.

Thanks @PirateJC

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Looks slick on my p20 pro, loading times are decent. My phone is on WiFi tho

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