House In The Woods. Happy Halloween! ;)

It will be “Trick or Treat” night tomorrow so here is just a little BJS demo to celebrate. Created with Blender - some parts new (the pumpkin, ghost and witch) some parts created by me from the past (terrain, walls and trees).

House in the Woods

The scene is meant to be darkish, but I know that lighting can cause problems in such cases - different monitors and laptop screens , so you can increase light intensities by tapping the "U’ key, and decreasing them by tapping the “D” key. On my desktop PC no changes are really needed. I tried it on an old laptop - works OK with a little Light tweaking.

One problem I do run across sometimes is with the scene background image showing up too bright and illuminated - usually occurs on first load. (see I mage 1 and 2). No idea why it happens as meshes are assigned to lights in Blender, and are assigned correctly on .babylon export. Just doing a Shift + Reload seems to solve the problem. Why ? No idea :wink:

The scene was created with Blender 3.6 using the latest version of @JCPalmer 's exporter. Thanks Jeff for the little notice you added telling me when a successful export is completed. Great little addition :wink:

Anyway, the topic gave me a chance to read about the trials of witches in the City of Chester (UK) in the 1650s when 3 were executed on Oct 31st or a day earlier.

If you go out with your children, take care and stay safe :wink:

cheers, gryff :wink:

Image 1 The skydome with no lighting effects:


Image 2 In Scene when error occurs :


My pleasure with the one line add of a successful message. I almost never get an export without any warnings, so I never thought to add it. There is a warning for no camera, but I never include a camera in any of my .blends, so never would see it.

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Very atmospheric scene! I LoL’ed at the @PirateJC grave :slight_smile:

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@JCPalmer : I don’t usually get errors until I start to add scripts! Don’t have the coding skills of a lot of the folks, including you, around here :wink: As I said above, it i is so simple but I just find it so useful . So thank you again!

@carolhmj : The gravestones are from memories of a distant past. Freddy and Jason movies and the “Halloween” movie franchise . The latter movie starred a British actor, Donald Pleasance, who is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Ernst Blofeld in the James Bond movies (The man stroking a white cat all the time). Was always one of my favorite actors.

cheers, gryff :wink:

I’m not sure what exactly this says that @carolhmj thought this was for me:

Maybe I’ve told one too many dad jokes?


Movies Jason (I swear I completely forgot about him) kills you with a machete, Babylon Jason kills you with bad jokes!