How bring a project from VSCODE into Playground?

I’m new to all this - probably very basic - How do I bring a project from VSCODE into Playground?

I’ve been following a Youtube setup that has multiple TS files (index.html, myscene.ts, app.ts etc) and I’m wondering how can I put it onto PG in order to share my progress/and ask questions?

My current PG, where I’m getting an error on Imports :S

Basically, just put the content of your CreateScene function to PG, that’s all.
You don’t need to import Babylon to PG, it is already there :slight_smile:
In practice one may need also to add necessary classes/functions and/or some assets to be available.

I selected the part which you need to change when pasting from your app.


Ah! Amazing!! Thank you!

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